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Why only high quality oil painting and ready-made frame? 
We only supply high quality Korean/Chinese oil paintings and ready-made frames to USA. We
take pride in our high quality and reasonable priced products, and we guarantee your customer
will be satisfied with our products. 

About our Artists. 
Our Artists are very renowned in S. Korea and around world. They have exhibitions in S. Korea,
America, Germany, and etc. You can ask us for a biography for an Artist (s) for your local

Why don’t we open our website to public? 
Because of security reasons, we do not open our website to the public. We only allow access to
our valued customers. We interview or visit our customer before we activate their account.
(Apply Here) 

How long will it be taken to get Back Order? 
It usually takes 4 ~8 weeks. To make a back order selection with a specific size, scene, and or
artist, you can first browse our Art and place an order in the [BackOrder] section. If you want to
order a ready-made frame or make customized molding from our backorder selection, please
contact us

How long will it be taken to deliver to me? 
We use [UPS Ground] for default shipping on all oil paintings. It usually takes 3~5 business
days. If you want your delivery sooner, please contact us, we will change the shipping service.
As for the rates of shipping, please refer to Shipping Policy. 

What is Back Order ? 
The Back Order column is the selection of paintings that are not available, but if you would like
to have one, you can order it in a specific size and receive it within 4 to 8 weeks.